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Welcome to our website

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our site visitors! We thank you for taking the time to view our site, and do hope we are able to provide the information you need to plan your ideal hunting safari.


Do no poach...please!

Here at African Adrenaline, we share a common interest in conservation. As such, we are strictly against any poaching practices, as we simply will not break the law under any circumstance!


Mr King does it again

Mr King has once again managed to capture a beautiful blesbuck with minimal effort. It just goes to show that following standard procedure has only benefits to offer.


Afternoon Fishing Safari

This is a view of what one can expect from any of our fishing safari's. Breath taking views of natural scenery, and a diversity of blooming life are all part of the norm!


8Kg Fresh Water Bass

Alternating vegetarian and carnivorous baits between casts has landed our lucky companion this stunning catch on his 5th cast! In all it's glory, this bass weighs 8.32 Kg on the scale.