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When hunting in the African savannah we have various options to choose from...

Accommodation is either in luxurious bush lodges, traditional bush camps or old school colonial English homes. Each one of these options provide a unique experience.


Most of the luxurious lodges we use are nestled up ontop of the escarpment or hidden away back against the hillsides…The views are spectacular, as far as the eye can see bushveld rolls through the valleys and plains below… Sunsets are second to none!

The lodges consist of a central restaurant, lounge, bar and entertainment area. Décor is African based, beautiful dark woods, roaring fireplaces and well-stocked bars are the norm.

Numerous chalets are privately situated around the central hub, all are connected to the main area via well lit walkways through the African bush. Each chalet comes with on suite bathrooms, central lounge areas, roaring fireplaces, inviting bedrooms and beautiful balconeys.

Evenings are generally spent around the bar area reflecting on ones hunt and planning the following days adventures.


The majority of our bush camps are situated alongside wild remote rivers and African streams. Early mornings are breathtaking as the mist rises up over the fast flowing waters and evenings are magical as the African night shift call to one another under the canopy of the milky way.

A basic central areais focused around an African fire pit, meals are consumed on the decking’s that jut out over the river and valley banks.

Basic stone and thatch rondavels (traditional zulu style round chalets) are privately hidden around the central area. A network of pathways leads one through the riverine bush linking the rondavels to the main central area.

Evenings are spent outside around soul warming fires, the sounds of rushing waters, crackling hardwoods and nocturnal creatures mesmerize the mind well into the evening.

Accommodation is basic and comfortable, the true beauty lies within the natural surroundings and how they touch ones senses.


These are used by us when we are hunting in the drakensberg mountain range and her surrounding foothills.

These are old restored buildings, some dating back to the 1800s. Rooms are huge, walls are high and floors are all beautifully restored yellow wood. Fire places are situated in all rooms and patios surround the entire house. One definitely feels the history inside these majestic old mountain retreats.



"There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm." -Theodore Roosevelt