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Fresh Water Fishing Safaris



"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope."  John Buchan

Fresh water fishing safaris can be arranged in various countries... Zambia,South Africa and Tanzania have some of the best tiger fishing waters Africa has to offer and Lake Nasser situated in the deserts of Egypt has without doubt the best Nile perch fishery, fishing in all these places will guarantee huge fish and adrenaline rushes second to none…As with everything in life, timing is everything, especially so when it comes to our cold blooded brothers, so please allow me to send you on your dream fish safari at the right times…


Lake Jozini is nestled up against the Lebomba mountain range which separates South Africa from Swaziland...The main target species being the African Tiger fish, these fish are by far the most powerful and exciting fish one will encounter in African fresh water systems, YOU WILL literally shake with adrenaline each and every time, their speed and aerial acrobatics are something out of this world... The advantage of fishing Lake Jozini are that our major hunting areas are situated on the lake shores and surrounding mountain ranges...The lake is also home to all other fresh water species found in south africa bar the trout species and bass species... South Africa is host to various freshwater adverseries…Autumn and Spring are without doubt the best times to land trophy fresh water fish…Autumn is when the fish indulge in huge feeding frenzies so as to fatten up for the oncoming cold winter months and Spring produces amazing catches as fish once again move into the shallows to breed and feed…Summer also sees good catches however this does not coincide with our hunting seasons…



So if you are planning to hunt and fish I strongly suggest late March to early May or either August to mid September…

South Africa is host to the following fresh water fish species:

  • Tiger fish
  • Sharp tooth catfish
  • Vundo
  • Large scale yellow fish
  • Small scale yellow fish
  • Mozambique bream
  • Red breasted bream
  • Nembwe
  • Eel
  • Labeo
  • Large mouth bass
  • Small mouth bass
  • Rainbow trout
  • Brown trout
  • Carp


"Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it..."  Harry Middleton

Fishing safaris can be arranged for either before your hunting safari, or after your hunting safari or if you are not a hunter and fishing is your sport then personalised private fishing packages can be created to suit your needs…

Fresh Catch



South African fresh water fishing safaris cost $700/day/angler.

This includes:

  • Services of a professional fishing guide
  • Accommodation
  • All meals & soft drinks
  • All fishing tackle& bait (except fly rods)
  • Boats and fuel
  • Road transport



Zambia is the land of the the mighty Zambezi river system...

Zambian waterways are home to trophy tiger fish, fish of 10lbs are common place and every year we touch the magical 20lb pound mark…Giant vundu can be caught at night, nembwe and various bream species are also plentiful…This is big five territory so our fishing back drop is surrounded with elephants, buffalo, crocs, hippos, antelope and an amazing array of birdlife…Drifting down a beat on the might Zambezi is truly something to behold, in fact it takes my breath away just thinking about it…

BAROTSE TIGER CAMP (September - November prime time)

The luxury tented camp is situated in the upper reaches of the mighty Zambezis 20 000 km2 Barotse floodplain...Here the river is clear, pristine and consists of a myriad of islands, lagoons and channels...This area proudly boasts 90% of the worlds tigerfish IGFA world records making this forgotten wetland a world-class freshwater fishing wonderland...Now charter flights are available direct to the camp making it easily accessable to the discerning sportsman.

Barotse, fresh water fishing safaris cost $800/day/angler.

This includes:

  • Services of a professional fishing guide
  • Luxury tented Accommodation
  • All meals & soft drinks
  • All fishing tackle (except fly rods)
  • Bait
  • Boats & fuel




ROYAL ZAMBEZI LODGE (September to November prime time)

This destination is the ultimate in luxury and comfort...The lodge is rated 5 star and most importantly so is the fishing! This luxurious establishment is nestled on the banks of the lower Zambezi deep inside the Lower Zambezi National Park. Directly opposite one finds the world renown Mana Pools...Victoria Falls is within easy reach where one can restep into the colonial past, admire one of the breath taking seven wonders of the world and partake in high adrenaline sports like bungy jumping and explosive white water rafting.

Wildlife here is second to none and it just so happens that the world record tiger fish came from this stretch of the river...So, if luxury, wildlife and world class tiger fishing are on the cards, this is THE place to be!

Lake Nasser...Nile Perch Adrenaline

Here we focus and set our sights on one of the worlds largest freshwater fish. You will not find a healthier population of these giants anywhere else! Our playpen is like a fantasy land where the crystal clear waters of this 5000 km2 lake contrast beautifully against the rich red sands of the surrounding desert...

In the winter months the majority of the fishing takes place over sunken islands and trawling with deep water lures produces the best results. This time of year is when the bulk of the really BIG fish are landed, however action can be slow but determination will produce results...

The summer months see these massive predators moving into the shallows to feed and breed...This is the time one can expect plenty of action, however the size of the fish are generally smaller...Sight fishing from the shore is at its best during this time of the year, this style of fishing is unique and i guarantee you will literally shake like a leaf...Everything is visual, you first sight the fish, then cast with finesse and watch in awe as your lure is engulfed and then all hell breaks loose, it simply doesnt get much better than this!


Upcoming Destinations...

  • Congo River (Goliath Tiger fish)

    Orange River (Large mouth Yellowfish)

    Mnyera River (Tiger fish)

    Cabora Bassa (Tiger fish)