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Pre Hunt Training and Reading

It is highly recommended that you only arrive in Africa once you are totally comfortable and familiar with your rifle.
Go down to the range and become comfortable at shooting off a bipod style rest. Even if one is a seasoned marksman it is still good to get down to the range and dust off any cobwebs and re-familiar oneself with ones extension.

  • Zero in ones rifle at 25m and then practice at 100m,200m& 300m
  • Learn your bullets trajectories
  • Practice quick free stand shooting at spaced targets of 30m, 20m & 10m

    “Unless a man has considerable skill with and reliance in his weapon, he will not remain cool in the presence of dangerous game close by.” — Col. Townsend Whelen

The following are suggested reading material:

  • Safari Rifles by Craig Boddington
  • The perfect shot by Kevin Robertson
  • Any book /guide on South African game and their habits