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Salt Water Fishing Safaris

“Time is probably more generous and healing to an angler than to any other individual. The wind, the sun, the open, the colors and smells, the loneliness of the sea or the solitude of the stream work some kind of magic.” – Zane Grey 

The vast expanses of the deep blue never cease to amaze me...I am literally addicted and my body and soul simply have to get out onto the wild seas, if not i become fidgety, bitchy and generally depressed in every sense of the word!

I often relate salt water fishing to an emotional roller coaster ride, in sixty seconds you can be relaxed, excited, overwhelmed with joy, depressed with loss, determined, high as kite on raw adrenaline and then right back again!

So many people simply look at the ocean as a flat body of water and think of fish as fish...These individuals are missing the point and will never succeed or experience the wonders and joy a true world class fishing trip can bring out in ones self...Beneath the surface there is a whole new wonderful and strange world down there just waiting to be explored...Think of the ocean as an underwater world very similar to ours we live on, there are majestic mountains, deep valleys and ravines, extensive barren flats, cascading vertical cliffs and captivating coral gardens...Next one must think of fish as one does when one thinks of wildilfe on land, there are so so so many different types of fish, each with different habits, habitats and needs...Finally one must look into the basic core requirements in a fishes life, these being temperature and oxygen content, tides, seasons, currents and wave action are the variables that influence these two core needs...

Fishing safaris can be arranged in Kenya which is without doubt THE best place in Africa to target bill fish...Here fantasy slams are often obtained, this is where one lands a Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish and a Broadbill Swordfish all in one day, or we head down to the Querimbas Archepelago in Northern Mozambique which is GT and Dog heaven where we target Giant Trevally on explosive topwater lures and monsterous Dogtooth Tuna on the sheer vertical walls dropping deep down into the abyss, or we travel to the Bazarouto Archepelago in central Mozambigue to target giant Black Marlin and Sailfish...As with fresh water fish timing is everything, so please let me send you on the adrenaline rush of a life time at the correct time when the fish are running and the reels are screaming!

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."  Jacques Yves Cousteau