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What To Bring on a South African Rifle Hunt

"Walk softly and carry a BIG stick" Theodore Rosevelt
This is only a guideline, we are all unique and have different toys for different needs…
Please make sure all importation permits are valid and carry your rifles in the correct airline approved carry case...

  • Rifle/rifles
  • 60 rounds of ammo/rifle (50 controlled expansion rounds ie Barnes/10 solids ie full metal jacket)
  • Ammo belt,Spare scope,Allen keys,Cleaning kit,Knife,Binoculars,Range finder,Camera/chips/charger,Wind detector,Scent eliminators,Hunting clothes,Well worn in hunting shoes,Toiletries,Personal medicines,ALL travel documents

    “I’m not sure where in my anatomy the hunting impulse resides–in my genese, some would say, or in my soul–but it’s certainly there as, I’m convinced, it is in all of us.” –William G. Tapply