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When To Come

RSA hunting (plains game) March to August $500-$650/d/h + trophy fees
RSA hunting (Rhino,Elephant,Lion & Buffalo) April to August $1450/d/h + trophy fees
RSA fresh water fishing September to April $700/day/angler
RSA wing shooting May to August $700/day/marksman
MOZ hunting (Elephant & Leopard) September to November $2000/day/h + trophy fees (min 21 days)
MOZ fishing (Black Marlin)    
MOZ fishing (Sailfish)    
MOZ fishing Querimbas Archepelago (GTs, Wahoo, Dogtooth tuna & Sailfish) September to February POR
Egypt fresh water fishing (Lake Nasser) April-Aug (sight fishing) Sept-March (trawling)   POR
Zambia fresh water fishing (Zambezi River)  September & October  POR
Kenya fishing (Marlin, Sailfish & Swordfish)  November & December  POR
Uganda & Gabon fishing (Tarpon & Cubera snapper)