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Wing Shooting Safaris



Wing Shooying Safaris

"Dear God...Please let me be as good a person as my dog thinks i am."

South Africa is once again blessed with some of the finest bird shoots the world has to offer…On certain shoots the sky literally turns black with the sheer volume of birds, in some cases we simply can not supply enough ammo, our shoulders turn black and blue and it becomes physically impossible to carry on.

We have the following game birds on offer:

  •  Spurwing geese, Egyptian geese
  •  Yellow billed, White faced whistling, African river & Fulvous Duck
  •  Crowned Guinea fowl, Crested Guinea fowl
  •  Swainsons, Natal, Grey wing & Shelly's francolin
  •  Rock pigeon, Rameron pigeon
  •  Cape turtle dove, Laughing dove
  •  Red Billed, Cape & Hottentot Teal



 "To the sensitive gunner nothing can equal a bird and a dog and a gun in trilogy" George Evans

When it comes to wing shooting the more guns the better as this way we can keep the birds flying…Parties of three or four guns are ideal and this is one area we do not provide weapons, a shotgun is such a personal thing, please bring your own…All ammunition will be supplied by African Adrenaline Safaris at cost price…

Wingshooting safaris can be arranged at $ 700-00/person/day…This includes services of a professional hunter, accommodation, food, soft drinks and internal road transport…

If fast flying pigeons and doves are your desire then March through to the end of May is most productive...If geese are what you are after then i suggest the we hunt from late May to the end of August...Ducks and teal shoots are at their optimum from June to August and if Guinea fowl and Francolin are the order of the day, June to August produce the best bags!