Your Host - Stuart Michael King

Doctari Robertson: “May the wild places of Africa and the game animals therein be enjoyed by your children’s children”

The African wilderness has always been a part of my life and she always will be, the dark continent has captured my soul and mesmerized me with her raw beauty. I spend half the year hunting the African wilderness and the other half fishing her waters in pursuit of powerful aquatic predators. As far as I am concerned I am the luckiest man alive, every day is Sunday. So I invite you to come join my life, re-awaken that primordeal instict sitting deep inside you and allow the raw adrenaline to surge through your veins.

"When you are on the river, ocean or in the woods, you are the closest to the truth you'll ever get"  Jack Leonard

My life began in the wildlife rich eden of Matusadona which is nestled along the shores of lake Kariba, Rhodesia. Here I learned the fundamentals of life, Hunting, fishing and conservation. I landed my first fish at the age of 3 and my hunting adventures began as soon as I could hold a rifle, it started with an old model Gecado air rifle, moved up to a .22, then the shotgun, followed by high powered hunting rifles, compound bows, recurve bows, crossbows and spear-guns.

Over the last 3 decades my hunting and fishing adventures have lured me into the various and diverse ecosystems of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana, Egypt, Sudan, Europe, America and last but not least South Africa.

THE VISION... I am a hunter both, on land and water and have found that this industry has so many faults...firstly, I find so often that tour operaters and travel agents main concern in life is to line their pockets and put as many bums in beds and in doing so they have lost the true essence of honesty and client satisfaction... Nothing annoys me more than when I have saved up and worked hard towards a well earned safari only to arrive and find the fish/animals are nowhere to be seen and all I hear for the duration of the trip is, " if only you were here 2 months ago, or if you really want that species you should have gone somewhere else as here the populations are nothing to write home about", my blood literally boils! It was during one of these nightmares that the light bulb came on and African Adrenaline was born... The essence of an African Adrenaline safari is to be at the right place, at the right time with the right people for the job on hand...Each one of these aspects is vital when it comes to a successful and memorable safari... Lastly, I want to make this company personal and keep it small...By doing this I can ensure that i personally will be present on each safari...Each one will be tailor made, you will arrive as guest and leave as a life long the foundation has been built and the future will see us planning upcoming adventures with confidence and assurity!